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History of the Peninsula Pistol Club.

The Peninsula Pistol Club is one of the oldest target pistol shooting clubs in Victoria,  and was formed in 1959. 

From humble beginnings,  where all amenities and equipment had to be transported to and from the range each week,  we gradually developed into a position where, our club,  through a lot of help and hard work from the members,  boasted an extensive complex comprising of a large clubroom with a kitchen and members amenities,  an indoor air pistol range, four outdoor shooting ranges with roofing over the shooting bays, and a large carpark.

Some of our founding members are still active members of our club and compete virtually every week in the various competitions held at our club.

The PPC has always encouraged members,  and especially new members, to join in the weekly competitions,  and where they are new to particular competitions,  they receive plenty of help and support in becoming aquainted with the competition as well as receiving coaching and other assistance to help them to improve their scores.

Fire Update

On September 30, 2014 our clubrooms, the internal Air Pistol Range and part of one of the external Range walls, were destroyed by an arson attack as a result of a burglary. Since this time the members have succeeded in restoring all of the external ranges, including an external Air Pistol Range, so that all matches are now being shot normally at the club. This was a great effort on the part of the members and continues as we seek to rebuild what was lost. Through the assistance of the Mornington Peninsula Shire we have two portable buildings for use as clubrooms and a fully equipped male/female toilet block. Power is currently being supplied by an onsite generator but mains power is expected to be restored by mid June 2015.

Update June 19, 2015

Mains power has now been restored to the Club which means that all the Ranges are now operating from mains power and the club houses are powered and heated. Thanks to all those members who put in so much effort in getting this accomplished.

Update December 2015

During 2015 the committee have been busy preparing submissions to both Local, State and Federal governments. There have already been some successes, for example we received an Emergency Equipment grant of around $2,000 to replace Range safety equipment.

2016 will be a busy year as the Club seeks substantial funding to assist in the rebuilding of new Clubrooms and facilities. Although a slow process we are being actively supported by the Mornington Shire who are continuing to provide substantial assistance. The committee will continue to keep members informed of developments via email and this website.

Update April 2016

In early April 2016 the Club was successful in being granted $5,000 by the Mornington Shire under its Club Support Program. These funds are to assist the Club in initial consultation and design works for reinstatement of Club facilities.

I'm sure we all thank the Shire for their continuing Support of our Club.

On April 20th, the Shire preferred Architect, JMA Associates Architects, attended at the Club and will be providing a brief to the Committee in relation to concepts, costs etc. for reinstatement works. The Committee will continue to keep members informed of developments via email and this website.

Update June 2016

JMA Associates Architects provided a concept design and costings for the new Club House.

Update July 2017

Futher investigation of site revealed that due to a flood water overlay the concept design was no longer feasible.

The Committee has worked closely with the Shire to plan the next step in the redevelopment. Mornington Peninsula Shire has been extremely helpful in assisting PPC with the new direction of the building design for a new club house.

The Committee will continue to keep members informed of developments via email and this website.

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