In late 2014 the Club was burgled and the offenders set fire to the Club Rooms. As a result the Club Rooms and the internal Air Pistol Range were totally destroyed.

Being one of the oldest target shooting Clubs in Victoria we lost over 50 years of Club and community history.

Since then, the members, with the generous assistance of the Mornington Peninsula Shire, have been able to continue our competion shooting, in fact we were only "off air" for one week after the fire. A brand new range wall has been built at the cost of the members and the high level of maintenance of all our Ranges means that all matches are being shot without any problems.

Despite the fire our membership continues to grow with many familiies and younger people joining the ranks and enjoying the sport.

As part of our drive to raise funds to assist in the rebuilding process we are running a raffle with 75 fantasatic prizes to be won, including some firearms and ammunition.

If you follow the link below it will take you to our On-Line Ticket sales website - this is a secure site and is being run for us by RaffleLink, a leader in this field.

We will also be printing some paper tickets but our focus is on the On-Line Ticket sales at this stage.

All of the prizes have been very generously donated by individuals and companies involved in the shooting sport and this raffle could not have occurred without their vital assistance. When you visit the Raffle website you can see who these benefactors are - the members and committee of the Club thank all of them for their generosity. The Raffle has now closed - please use the link below to access winning ticket numbers.

Link to Winning Ticket Numbers

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