About us & Our History

The Peninsula Pistol Club is one of the oldest target pistol shooting clubs in Victoria, and was formed in 1958.

From humble beginnings, where all amenities and equipment had to be transported to and from the range each week. We gradually developed into a position where, our club, through a lot of hard work from the members, boasted an extensive complex comprising of a large club room with a kitchen and members facilities, an indoor air pistol range, four outdoor shooting ranges with roofing over the shooting bays, and a large car park.

Some of our founding members are still active members of our club and compete in the various competitions held.

PPC has always encouraged members to join in the weekly competitions, and where members are new to  particular matches, they receive plenty of help and support in becoming acquainted with the competitions.

Unfortunately on September 30th 2014 our club rooms, the internal Air Pistol range and one part of the external range walls were destroyed by an arson attack as a result of a burglary, we lost all our historical items.

The PPC Club House rebuild was completed in 2021 and offers members and their families modern, clean and comfortable facilities to relax in after competition.